George's Aventures in Britain. Episode I - Food Poisoning

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Episode I. Food Poisong

Sunday 7th September, Alicante. I´ve just arrive the airport, there´s a lot of people who don´t speak spanish. I´m already in Spain but I have feeling that something is not going well. First of all, a very kindle men invited me to undress the shoes I don't know why.

When I arrive England, I was very surprised it wasn't raining, in fact it haven´t rained anytime since I'm here.

By the way, my very friendly adoptive mother made me a very special welcome dinner that I'll never be able to forget it. Because It was very delicius and taste very well but two days after that I still recording the fact. I advice you must never end the plate unless you are sure that the food feel well.

I dreamed that night, a lot of things very strange, I don't remenber everything but I will try to recover those better moments of my dream. I remenber to go a Foster Hollywood restaurant with siner, pako y pencho. I remenber eat a brontosaurio hambuger but all of you looking at me saying that it was a mistake.

I remenber that hamburguer of foster didn't feel me well, and all you become a special monster's saying very funny things.

Sorry, but I don't remeber nothing more. I hope that you like this history and remenber my advice.

I hope write you soon, kind regards to ROBOT FRATERNITY

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Viti dijo...

Hey George. I'm glad you feel confortable in your family home. It's difficult to habituate in others types of food. Hope you feel well now.

Tell us something about your town.


FJ dijo...

We want to learn more about your travel to England. In fact, you MUST write everyday here telling us some new stuff about your experiencies in those lands. Tell us about English girls, if they are different from us and they love to, for instance, emulate "two girls one cup" chicks.

And a last one advice: knowing you're not Maíllo, you have to take all the photos you can in order you can generate the feeling of envy in all of us.

Take care of you, dear friend.

eslaquer dijo...

Don't Stop IEPA

Miche dijo...

Jorchs, it is true that English women have many pine trees (with Ñ)???

SinAño dijo...

I want a pink truck for my birthday.

Chexpirit dijo...

Genialous. If you imagine George's voice talking it becomes hilarious.

Of course Brontosaurio has no translation, but you should use & better than y to connect Pako & Pentxo.

DANte dijo...

Great story!
I hope you'll continue to entertain us with your experiencies in England.

Take care!!!!! ^^

P.D. Chex, Brontosurio in fact has a translation: Brontosaurus.

Pako dijo...


George not defraude us! What a classic!

Ryushi dijo...

I hope you'll be great in England, and George, visit all pubs you can at happy hours :D you'll have fun :D

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